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The Preferences Window


The internal architecture of Decibel Audio Player is heavily based on software components referred to as modules. The preferences window displays the list of available modules, which is dynamically built upon startup, and lets you decide which of them should be enabled. Because of the way they are internally handled, disabled modules do not consume any resources and do not interact at all with other modules. This allows Decibel Audio Player to be really flexible, letting users choose which functionalities they want without impacting on performances when they are not needed.

There is a checkbox in front of each module that lets you know its state: if it is checked then the module is enabled, otherwise it is not. To enable/disable a module, you simply have to check/uncheck the corresponding checkbox. As you can see on the screenshot, some modules are mandatory (e.g., the file explorer) and cannot be disabled. In this case, the checkbox is disabled.

Most of the modules may also be configured: when this is the case, an icon is displayed on their right side. To configure such a module, you just have to select it and then to click on the Preferences buttton located at the bottom of the window. Note that only enabled modules may be configured.



These modules are particular as they allow you to find and play your music. When enabled, they add new entries to the explorer combo box in the main window.