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The File Explorer Module


This is one of the explorer modules of DAP. It allows you to browse the files on your hard drive(s) by using a tree structure. It looks like this:

This module displays three different types of items:

Note that this module displays neither non-media files nor directories that don't contain any subdirectories or media files


Using the mouse, you can:

You can also use the keyboard to navigate:


This is the configuration window for this module:

Root Folders

This allows you to define where the trees displayed by the file explorer are rooted. You can create as many root folders as you want, each of them being added to the explorer combo box in the main window. Note that adding, renaming, or removing a root folder has no effect on the actual files and directories of your disk.

A possible usage, as illustrated in the above image, is to create on your disk a directory to store your playlists. Then, by adding a new root folder located in this directory, you can directly access to your playlists.

Show Hidden Files

When this option is checked, the file explorer also shows the hidden files (i.e., those that begin with a dot). Note that showing/hiding hidden files may also be done by using the popup menu of the file explorer.