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Release Notes

v1.08 (19/09/11)

v1.07 (06/03/11)

v1.06 (17/10/10)

v1.05 (27/06/10)

v1.04 (13/05/10)

v1.03 (10/01/10)

v1.02 (29/11/09)

v1.01 (05/09/09)

      Decibel Audio Player can now use the playbin2 GStreamer component, which notably provides a better gapless playback.
      However, this component is still unstable and can sometimes crash the application. Moreover, older versions of playbin2
      cannot play audio CDs. For these reasons, this component is used only if the --playbin2 option is provided on the command
      line when starting Decibel Audio Player.

v1.00 (23/11/08)

v0.11 (21/08/08)

v0.10 (11/05/08)

v0.09 (27/01/08)

v0.08 (31/12/07)

v0.07 (18/11/07)

v0.06.3 (14/10/07)

v0.06.2 (13/10/07)

v0.06 (22/09/07)

v0.05.2 (15/08/07)

v0.05 (10/08/07)

v0.04 (07/07/07)

Note: All modules (and thus many functionalities) are now disabled by default. You need to enable the ones you want by using the preferences.

v0.03 (07/06/07)

v0.02 (23/05/07)

v0.01 (13/05/07)