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The Library Module


This is one of the explorer modules of DAP. Like the file explorer, it allows you to browse the files on your hard drive(s) by using a tree structure. However, unlike the file explorer, it does not display the actual tree structure of your files, but rather an artificial tree structure created using the tags of your media files. It looks like this:

Regardless of the actual organization of your files, the library tree is always organized into three levels: Artists, albums, and tracks. Alphabetical headers (e.g., C in the above image) are inserted to separate artists.


Using the mouse, you can:

You can also use the keyboard to navigate:


This is the configuration window for this module:


You can create as many libraries as you want based on any given directory of your hard drive. When creating the library, that root directory is recursively scanned to find all media files:

Note that adding, renaming, or removing a library has no effect on the actual files and directories of your disk. Note also that badly tagged media files can obviously screw up the resulting tree structure. It's up to you to correctly tag your files if you want to use this module.