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The Instant Messenger Status Module


This module detects any running instant messenger and updates your status with regards to the track you are listening to. Supported messengers are:


This is the configuration window for this module:

Status Message

You can change the status message to any text you want. See this page for more information about the tags that can be used.

If you check Update when paused, the message [paused] is appended to your own message each time the current track is paused. If you check Update even if not available, then DAP will change your status message even you are e.g., away or busy.

Upon stopping the current track or quitting DAP, you can either to leave the status message to its current value, or to replace it by a given (plain text) message.


You can define some words to sanitize before using them to set your status. In this case, the middle characters of matching words is automatically replaced with asterisks. In the example of the above image, Metallica - Live Shit Binge & Purge is actually replaced by Metallica - Live S**t Binge & Purge. There should be only one word per line.