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Formatting Text

Some modules (e.g., Desktop Notification, Instant Messenger Status) can be configured to display customized text. This text may be formatted by including tags that are dynamically replaced before displaying the text.

Special Tags

A tag is of the form {tag}. The currently available tags are:

album --
artist --
date --
disc Disc number
duration_sec Duration in seconds (e.g., 194)
duration_str Duration as a string (e.g., 3:14)
genre --
path Full path to the file
playlist_pos Position of the track in the current playlist
playlist_len Number of tracks in the current playlist
title --
track Track number

For instance,

from "{album}" by {artist}: {title} [{duration_str}]

could be replaced by

from "Hard Wired" by Front Line Assembly: Barcode [6:11]

The Pango Markup Language

You can use the Pango markup language to format the text (e.g., bold text) in some modules (e.g., Desktop Notification). If you need to display one of the following characters in the text, then you should use its HTML equivalent:

Character   HTML equivalent
&   &
>   >
<   &lt;