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The Covers Module


This module displays the cover of the album the current track comes from. Covers may be loaded from local pictures, located in the same directory as the current track, or may be downloaded from the Internet.


This is the configuration window for this module:

User Covers

A user cover is a picture located in the same directory as the current track. When specifying filenames, you do not need to provide file extensions, supported file formats (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png) are automatically used. With the example of the above image, if there is a file named art.jpg in the directory, it will be used.

Internet Covers

Covers may be downloaded from the Internet, based on the tags of the current track. You can ask to always prefer user covers to Internet ones. In this case, if a user cover exists for the current track, it is used. If there is none, the cover is downloaded.

Covers are retrieved using the web services.